Panorama of the UW-Madison 2014 Commencement Ceremony.

My geranium. Three years old.

Took some pics during my friends’ band practice. Check’em out they’re called Gallant Ghosts and from Madison, WI!

Ghost Face Easter Bunny

Also I have a question, from your photos it seems like you've been to Jamaica? I'm going toward the end of this year - noone I know has been (it's an unpopular destination for Australians [expensive flights etc]) so I have barely any information on it apart from online sources and it seems vague, It's a musical quest for me - just wondering how easy it is to steer away from resort tourist culture and level of accessibility/safe for a 21 year old white girl to get some real experiences there?

Exciting that you have decided to go to Jamaica! Especially since it is related to Jamaican musical culture. (I checked out your blog and noticed you had a lot of dub, reggae and dancehall posted, which is great they have a fantastic culture in that regard that has had a lot of impact especially amongst the development of dubstep by Jamaican diaspora in the UK, but I digress)

Addressing your question of gaining “real experiences” is a difficult one. Kingston is not particularly safe outside of resorts, especially unsupervised and additionally more-so because you are white and female. (There are accounts of people being killed for the sake of them being white in places like Spanish Town there.) However, I could not say with integrity that Jamaica is unsafe, that would be misconstruing the rather complex nature of the island.

When I traveled there a month or so ago, and as I will again in a few weeks, I was traveling there as a part of the service work that I do for my non-profit that I run with my partner. ( We were working with another non-profit, Blue Mountain Project and two universities. There is more to say here, but I will spare you the details. We traveled to the Blue Mountains region, which if you are looking for true rasta culture, you will absolutely find it there.

I can with 100% certainty recommend a place outside of the town of Penlyne Castle near the foot of the trail to the Blue Mountain Peak, known as JahB’s Place. He’s a wonderful Rasta that runs a hostel there. And he can find you a guide to take you to the peak if that is something you are interested in.

Anyway, given your circumstances traveling to the Blue Mountains would, from the experience I have had, be your best bet. The greatest challenge however is arriving there. From Kingston it is about a 2 hour drive and of course you’d have to arrange for a driver from the airport which is not located in Kingston either, but rather a ways outside of it.

The cost of this trip is a bit much. 90-100 USD. Also, finding a reliable driver can be difficult without contacts on the ground. Anyway, if you think of any further questions feel free to ask me.

Sorry for the delayed response, but I wanted to be comprehensive in my response.

- Kiefer

Edit: Here’s a photo since this is apparently a photo blog.

found this one somewhere on my computer, also from 2010, but from a some canon dslr, somehow really evocative for me

took this with my mom’s minolta xd-11 back in 2010. probably wasted two rolls of film trying to get a shot out in a thunderstorm with a camera older than me



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